Cobra Auto Services
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We are an authorised AA Repair Centre, Member of The Institute of the Motor Industry, A 'Which Trusted Trader' and recommended by other organisations such as warranty companies, and it’s a good chance if you have a warranty with a company they will recommend us.

As well as being your local service and M.O.T centre for all types of vehicles, we are capable of investigating those faults that are becoming more and more the norm in the modern motor vehicle.

The code reader and tester need to be up to date to be up to the job and we at Cobra invest in the best that include regular updates to make sure your car has the best chance of finding and repairing the faults.

Specializing in fuel injection systems and Engine management faults Covering most of the European and Asian markets we aim to provide results.

We have a low hourly labour rate of just £37.50 to keep the bills down.

We have been tuning and Carburretter specialists, since the 1970’s and have a wealth of experience in this department.

The servicing and repair section of our garage are experienced in Fleet maintenance and have looked after major companies and their vehicles.